About Us Heilio, Inc. was founded on the idea that in the confusing world of Internet development and systems integration, business should be conducted with the integrity of a handshake. Our team of professionals understands the difference in making a promise and being able to deliver on that promise. With over forty years of combined experience in the computer industry, Heilio specializes in providing the highest level of service necessary to build and maintain mission critical applications and networks for today's high availability and high demand businesses.

Heilio is vendor agnostic— we are commited to selecting the most cost effective technologies for a given solution. Our skilled staff has the knowledge necessary to guide the implementation of your software or networking project from a confusing array of vendor choices. Our professionals are trained in the latest Microsoft, Linux (Redhat, SCO, Debian, Slackware), BSD, Oracle, Cisco, Sun, Nokia, and mySQL technologies. No topic is too “technical’ or complex for us to handle. Whether you already have an enterprise-level network and are looking for an overhaul, or you are a small business looking for an intelligent way to tap into the power of today's technology to help your business grow, Heilio has a solution for you.

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